French back comfort bra

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Put on the clothes you want, comfortable and sensual. After all, you deserve underwear that makes you feel good.
Your breasts and self-esteem will remain there. With French Confort, you will feel safe again and put on your favorite clothes.

Learn more about the comfort of a French back bra
Since the composition of the underwear is made of spandex cotton and spandex, the product is comfortable to wear and can immediately enhance the support of the breasts. With sizes ranging from P to XXG, French Confort can model all car bodies.
French U format
The U shape was created and popularized in France. It is the perfect choice for any look and is synonymous with comfort and sexy. The tulle details add a sense of sophistication to the garment. It is ideal for all occasions.
Push-up effect
In addition to being comfortable and sexy, the French Confort bra also has a light and natural support effect, and has a push-up effect. It is ideal for breast enhancement.

Note: Underwear can only be changed if there is a defect.

Please choose the size carefully. We do not accept exchanges or returns of any size, because they are clear on the website!


See what our dear customers found!

"I have been working hard to make my breasts feel better. It is difficult for me to find a bra that can lift my breasts and make myself more beautiful. This is how I found French Confort. I like this result very much and I am more today Confident. Just take a look." Samantha Braga, 25 years old.

"About a year ago, I bought French Confort. I have never had a problem. It is very durable. My breasts look beautiful in any piece of clothing. I highly recommend it." Joanna Martin Si (Joana Martins), 29 years old.